Toy Stuffer & More Mix


Just add water to make a creamy, peanut-buttery spread with multiple uses! Happy Stuff Toy Stuffer & More Mix is made with the perfect balance of peanut, chicken, and beef powders for flavor, and organic dried veggies for texture and good health. All ingredients are human-grade, sourced in the U.S.A., and are preservative free. From stuffing a dog toy to hiding a pill, your furbaby will love the taste of Happy Stuff and you will love that it’s ALL NATURAL!

Frobisher’s Peanut Butter Recipe is named after Frobisher, an Olde English Sheepdog/German Shephard mix we adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League in the 90s. Frobisher loved peanut butter and going on adventures. We hope your pooch loves this peanut-buttery treat as much as Frobisher would have. Free shipping in the U.S.

Use Happy Stuff to:

  • STUFF A TOY: Happy Stuff Toy Stuffer & More Mix is a creamy, yummy way to stuff dog toys like Kongs.
  • HIDE A PILL: Your furbaby will happily take his or her medicine when it’s hidden in Happy Stuff.
  • CRUMBLE ON KIBBLE: Form “globs”of Happy Stuff and drop on your pooch’s kibble or sprinkle dry and mix with water.
  • MAKE A DOGGIE DESSERT: Make a bowl of Happy Stuff as a special treat for your bestie.
  • MAKE SOFT TRAINING TREATS: Reduce the amount of water added to make a thick paste, form into a sausage shape and break off pieces for training.
  • SPREAD ON A LICK MAT: Calm an anxious pooch with Happy Stuff on a lick mat.

Our 11-ounce pouches contain almost 3 cups of Happy Stuff Toy Stuffer & More Mix!



Happy Stuff Toy Stuffer & More Mix is a convenient, powdered product. Packaged in 11-ounce, resealable, stand-up pouches. No refrigeration required.

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Weight 11 oz